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How To Go Viral On Instagram

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

1. Boost Your Business’ Popularity

We’ll start with the more obvious perks first.

Going viral means getting a huge surge of followers, which brings more traffic your way! With your posts being shared, made into stories, tagged and sent over direct messages,

you’ll gain popularity and attention the right way.

Besides, with so many people from all over the world on your business’ Instagram page, you’ll see how your product fares in different regions, and how your foreign competitors are faring.

2. Getting Endorsements

With attention directed to your account, influencers, celebrities and those alike are bound to get on the bandwagon. With their endorsements and their gigantic follower platform, you’re bound to get famous!

3. Pictures!

With visual marketing strategies, you’re bound to gain a great customer base.

Studies show that people respond more to pictures than text, and Instagram is all about the photo op! You can get creative, use filters or animations and make your posts insanely engaging for the ‘grammers!

4. Constant Activity

One of the top Instagram marketing tips for businesses is to constantly show up on your followers’ feed. This means posting timed material and a lot of creative content to become the center of attention.

Keeping your followers engaged at all times is the best way to habituate them towards your product. It increases the likelihood of them making purchases and encouraging their followers to do so too!

5. Instagram Account/Growth Managers

It’s not hard work at all to keep your business afloat on Instagram. With many companies offering excellent services, you can divide and conquer. You can take charge of the production, while the professionals can handle your online presence.

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Professionals are also more adept with the world of social media and know just exactly how to maneuver it to get you the right customer base!

It’s a double win for you — better products, and a lot of sales!

6. How to Make Your Content Go Viral

It’s not just high-quality content and smart hashtags. Neither is it the witty captions you’ve got ready to post. Making content go viral takes some strategies and it really has to resonate with the online community.

Here are some tips:

Give it Personality

What’s your business selling?

How are you as a person?

Bring your content to life by making it exciting. Take some professional pictures with certain angles, crazy backdrops and maybe hire some hip models to show off your product. Give it a personality and some spunk.

Your content has to be visually appealing and captivating — you want the Instagram community sharing your posts incessantly and talking about it nonstop!

Check out the Competition

One of the smartest Instagram marketing strategies is to search some keywords related to your business and see what pops up. What type of content is trending? What do online consumers like seeing?

Fashion your posts and videos accordingly to attract attention. Play with the common trends to make your content be one of the top viewed ones.


Don’t forget to come up with unique hashtags and include the trending ones in your post.

Do extensive research to see which hashtags are the most viral ones for your line of business, and what your search results come up with. This makes it easier for Instagram users to see your posts because hashtags filter out and group together similar media from all over the platform.

Know Your Audience, Know Your Content

We’ll explain this one with an example. If you’re selling statement jewelry, you can’t expect those in white collared jobs to be thrilled about your product.

Do your research. See what audience your product will attract, and then do extensive digging on how to get that audience clicking around your profile.

Know your audience and their preferences; it will help you chart out the best content. Your account will be geared for attention, and will also help you plan your next moves.

Promote Thyself

Look for influencers or bloggers who would really like your product. Sending them promotional packages to review and rate, and comment on will draw traffic your way. Go out of your way to self promote yourself.

You’ll be increasing your presence in the online market and making some powerful connections along the way.

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I thinj reposts work the best❤Thank you for the tips!

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