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Social Media Manager

Need to build or manage your social media channels?

Our Professional Managers will help you!

Designed for Business & Social Media Influencers. We will do Facebook campaigns to your target audience. Get a personal social media manager to manage your social media channels. Allow EndlessFollow professionals to manage your social media while you can focus on what you do best!







Beauty Studio 

Your Manager daily tasks?

Strategy & Research
Hashtag Research
1-3 Posts/day
  1. What is my product/page niche?

  2. What audience do  you attract? (Or, whom is your product designed for?)

  3. What is your audience looking for?

  4. And, how we are going to attract that audience?

Hashtags play a very important role in turning a 100-followers profile to a 100,000+ followers profile; after all, almost 70% of Instagram posts go unseen.​ We research, compile, test, and apply your personalized hastag strategy.

Posting twice per day gives you more opportunities for your content to be seen by someone. When people see one of the posts, some click through to visit a profile and then like another few photos. Posting frequency depends on you: tell EndlessFollow manager what posting frequency do you prefer. We can also edit and post your own pictures. 

Organizing projects-pana.png
Content Creation
Results Reports 

We will create your social media content and blog posts tailored to your brand. Your content along with the custom images will create a visually appealing grid/feed and differentiate your brand. You will get:

  • Unique posts created from scratch according to your specific brand needs.

  • Posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social network.

  • Every post responds to a strategy and a creative concept.

  • Posts created using only great quality graphic design, with illustrations (nonanimated), with stock photos or photos supplied by you.

  • Caption included for each post.

Your manager will analyze your account insights before, throughout, and after using EndlessFollow. You can ask for an update of your results at any time. 

Social ideas-pana.png
Photo Sharing-pana.png

An engaged following = audience who know, like, and trust you. And that, at its core, is how successful content marketers help fuel sales. Your manager will engage (comment, like, answer DMs). Our engagement method is designed to create a community, loyalty, interest in your account, recognition &  new fan base. We are aware of Instagram limitations. Let your us apply our engagement strategy that works while you enjoy your results. DISCLAIMER: no bots or other artificial intelligence is involved in this activity. 

Ads Management
Posts Scheduling

We will create and manage your advertising campaigns for you. We will put your account, product, or persona in front of the eyes of your audience. This will lead to new engagement, account growth, new leads, website traffic, new sales. What ads management only? Click here.

Have no idea what to post? Need to step up your efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn? We provide custom social media content calendars for your business, product, or brand. Schedule, posting ideas, captions, best posting times. 

Social media-pana.png
Engaging Captions

Your personal manager will use engaging captions writing strategy that includes:

1. Create Captions With Intention

2. Encourage Conversations

3.  Include A Call To Action (On Occasion)

4. Add Value

5. Put Yourself In Your Audience’s Shoes

6. Tell A Story

Blog post-pana.png

What results can I expect?

Audience Increase
Market launch-pana.png
Social Growth-pana.png
Credit card-pana.png
New Leads

            12k +

     Global Customers

            180 +

   Corporate Customers

            6k +

  Influencers & Bloggers

What our clients have to say?

Real Reviews from Real EndlessFollow Clients

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All Videos

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