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how much travel influencers get paid

Updated: May 4, 2019

Pack your bags, people, because it’s time to become a travel influencer. A report released by Hopper has shined a light on the sort of money influencers — i.e. those who post on social media for a living — make for #sponsored posts. Whether it’s touting a product or promoting a hotel, there’s big money to be made in exchanging a photo and an Instagram story (with swipe up, of course!) for cash. So exactly how much do travel influencers make for their time away from home? While there are plenty of them out there, only a few have managed to turn their travel habit in a business. However, it seems if you hit a million followers (easy, right?) there’s money to be made. With influencers making anything from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per post, which can add up to millions over the years, it’s certainly a lucrative gig.

The report, which takes into account the influencer’s reach, engagement and following, highlights 10 travel influencers making big money. With anywhere from one to four million followers, these influencers can take home up to $31,000 per post — which, if they post just one sponsored photo per week, adds up to be $1.6 million over a year. That, plus the added bonus of travelling for a living.

Jealous yet? See the exact amounts travel influencers earn below.

10. Tara Milk Tea, @taramilktea

Who: For lovers of colour, particularly pastels, Tara Milk Tea deserves a spot on your feed with her candy-coloured photos of some of the world’s most photogenic locales. Followers: 1 million Amount per post: $4,115

9. Hannes Becker, @hannes_becker

Who: Focusing in on beautiful landscapes, Hannes Becker has an eye for the unexplored. Followers: 1.2 million Amount per post: $4,938

8. Louis Cole, @funforlouis

Who: Definitely an adventurer, Louis Cole will make you want to pick up kayaking and hike a mountain over lounging by the pool on your next getaway. Followers: 1.4 million Amount per post: $5,487

7. Leonie Hanne, @leoniehanne

Who: More Amalfi Coast than Scandinavian fjords, Leonie Hanne knows how to take a photo you’ll want to replicate. Followers: 1.7 million Amount per post: $6,858

6. Alex Strohl, @alexstrohl

Who: An American/French photographer who also creates other-wordly films, Alex Strohl is all about getting off the beaten track. Followers: 1.9 million Amount per post: $7,886

. Lauren Bullen, @gypsea_lust

Who: Whether she’s sunning herself in the Maldives or safariing in Africa, Lauren Bullen is living the influencer life we all wished we had. Followers: 2.1 million Amount per post: $8,229

4. Jack Morris, @doyoutravel

Who: Travelling with his partner, Lauren Bullen, Jack Morris’s @doyoutravel is full of bucket list worthy hotels and destinations. Followers: 2.8 million Amount per post: $11,315

3. Chris Burkard, @chrisburkard

Who: Travelling to some of the most far-flung destinations, this photographer captures some of earth’s most beautiful  scapes. Followers: 3 million Amount per post: $12,069

2. Paul Nicklen, @paulnicklen

Who: A contributing photographer to National Geographic, Paul Nicklen takes stunning travel photos worth following for. Followers: 4.3 million Amount per post: $12,685

1. Garrett & Jessica Gee, @thebucketlistfamily

Who: A family of four that sold everything to travel around the world. Followers: 1.2 million Amount per post: $31,542

Social media today provides an opportunity to quit your job at the office, travel and earn more. We all have the same tools in our hands to change our life to the one we have dreamed of. Many of you might thing 'There is a huge competition'; 'I can't make it' but the truth is that there are tool that might help you to be 10 steps ahead of your competitor. Invest in social media agencies that will help you to become social media influencer and earn money while you travel. Do not be affraid of a change and new opportunities.

When if not now?

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