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How to Get Sponsored on Instagram? Guide

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These days it seems like everyone either is an Instagram influencer—or wants to be one—and it’s easy to understand why. The average price of a sponsored post is $300And rates only go up from there!

Even Micro-Influencers Can Get Sponsored on IG

Newsflash: Even if you have a small account right now, you can make money from Instagram. You might be what’s known as a “micro-influencer.”

Micro-influencers are a segment of the Instagram influencer population that is typically defined as having a low amount of followers when compared to the big players. They retain the identifier of “influencer” because of their success within a niche, and for having an engaged audience.

How do Brands and Companies evaluate Potential Sponsors?

While most brands usually look for numbers first, they’re now starting to realize the implications of working with micro-influencers whose audiences represent a more exact match for their target demographics. From a budgeting standpoint, they can also understand the benefit of working with micro-influencers, as the most popular Instagram influencers charge much higher per post. Even small businesses with limited budgets are wising up to micro-influencers as a low-cost, high-reward marketing tactic.

It would seem that working with popular Instagram accounts actually puts brands at a disadvantage when comparing the ROI between the two situations. This is in part because Instagram accounts with millions of followers get less engagement.

Hopefully, you understand that just getting started on Instagram or having low numbers doesn’t necessarily put you out of the running. But there are a lot of other factors you’ll need to consider before securing your first sponsored post on Instagram.

And now with the new Instagram sponsored posts features available for brand + influencer collaboration, this is even more important than ever.

Without further ado, here are some tips to get your first sponsored post on IG:

Branding is Everything

Influencers become popular because people associate them with something specific. The idea is that an influential Instagram account focuses on one thing, and does a really good job of doing this.

As far as what an influencer is specifically known for, it may be the kinds of photos they post, the style of photos in their feed, a theme or cohesive look, or the things they do in their daily life. Some influencers break into several categories (ex/ lifestyle influencers can venture into travel, food, fashion, etc). The important thing is that there’s still some way of knowing that post is distinctly theirs.

Grow Your Following

How to specifically go about growing your following will depend on your industry, audience, and even your personality. Regardless, consider adopting the following Instagram best practices to help when you’re getting started:

1. Hashtags

Hashtags categorize content and make them more discoverable. It was found that content with at least one hashtag gets up to 12.6% more engagement. You can add up to 30 hashtags per post, but TrackMaven has found that 11 is the most optimal number.

Include a mix of both branded and unbranded hashtags, but be careful not to use hashtags that are too broad. Because most people use them, there’s a chance that your post won’t get seen. Think strategically in terms of hashtag use, and get ideas for the best from hashtag guides.

2.Tag Brands