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How To Stop Losing Followers

Transition Your Content Into an Unsaturated Niche

Another strategy to combat the fact that Instagram will continue to be highly competitive is to transition your content to an unsaturated niche. In other words, frame your topic in a way that is truly unique.

The goal here is avoiding competing with other content creators altogether.

♡ Is there anything you have knowledge about that other content creators don't?

♡ Do you have a particular point of view that others don’t?

That’s a good place to start. The fewer people there are who can easily replicate what you do, the less likely it is that your audience will find someone else that provides what you do.

The more people you’re competing with, the less likely you are to create different content. Even if you are different, the more likely it is that eventually, someone will create something more unique than you.

You can gauge how saturated your niche is by seeing how many posts there are in your niche’s most popular hashtag. The more posts there are within that hashtag, the more saturated it’s likely to be.

For example, I want to start a new Instagram account that will do well with the algorithm, but I’m not sure what topic I want to focus on. Three topics that interest me are fashion, yoga, and beauty.

I search for the main hashtag in each of these categories, and I see that #yoga has over 72,000,000 posts, #fashion over 773,000,000 posts, and #beauty only slightly more than 362,000,000.

Ultimately, the smartest strategy here is to create a unique content niche specific to you by framing your content around your life and your personality, not a particular topic. If your audience follows you because they value you and whatever you’re sharing about your individual lifestyle, there’s simply no replacement for that. That makes you much less vulnerable to other content

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